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Netcraftz Franchises

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Existing computer centres, and new entrepreneurs can become our franchisees. Netcraftzcentre must be designed in such a way that reflects the image of Netcraftz. It should be creating a positive impact in the minds of the customers.

You should have the following facilities:

  1. Centrally located place with a minimum area of 800 Sq. Ft. in small towns and 400 Sq. Ft. in Metros.
  2. Computer Lab - Min 5-10 Computers, Computer configuration should be able to handle new technologies.
  3. Uninterrupted Internet Connection as the examination is done online; also it is required to show online tutorials to the students.
  4. Teaching Faculties - 3 Nos.
  5. Counsellor / Centre Manager Cabin
  6. Toilet & Pure Drinking Water Facilities
  7. Parking Facilities

Benefits of Becoming a Franchisee

  1. International Recognition giving competitive Edge over other Institutes.
  2. World Class Online Certification System, so no need to manage any paper work for exams.
  3. Netcraftz is NSDA Certified Institution, giving distinct image to its franchisees.
  4. Fasts growing training center.
  5. Franchisee name is also printed on the certificate giving benefit to franchisee institute as well to get more students.
  6. Franchisee run AllNetcraftz courses for and on behalf of Netcraftz.
  7. Students of Franchisee are issued certificates under "Regular Learning Program".
  8. Franchisees are provided with SoftCopyStudy MaterialsEbook.
  9. Franchisee's earning potential is very high.
  10. Centralised Placement Support through our Indian Partner for the students on successful completion of the courses.
  11. Online Tutorials updated with latest technologies to help students to easily understand the study materials.
  12. Certificate Verification through our Web Site (www.netcraftz)

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